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with Clarity

The Bliss of Tranquility is the natural expectation of our Perceptive being.

The vitality of tranquility is a great fortune!


The golden key to this fortune of tranquility is the achievement of clarity.

De Silva, H.D.

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Tranquility is a wonderful state of bliss where one finds the absence of confusion and the presence of equanimity, serenity, concord or

Tranquility is vitality for our Perceptive being; it is the optimum wellbeing of our perceptual existence.

The presence of clarity brings forth the Bliss of Tranquility to the human condition.

What is Clarity?


Clarity is having clear and complete understanding.


We achieve clarity whenever we uncover facts, present complete solutions, communicate justified decisions or reach a consensus. We also achieve clarity when our methods are transparent, when we have
complete information, a way forward or simply when we create order from the chaos of clutter.

Whenever we achieve clarity, we optimally satisfy our primary human need for resolution and so experience the bliss of tranquility.

The wholesomeness of clarity is humanity's greatest perceptual achievement.

 Clarity is the wholesomeness that lies midway between the perceptual extremes of uncertainty (i.e. lacking complete understanding) and deception (i.e. misinforming, misleading, lying or not revealing the whole truth). In the perceptual realm, uncertainty is humanity's greatest failure and deception is humanity's greatest fault, for they both leave one's Perceptive being in tension. Tension as defined here is a bleak state of illbeing (where without clarity), one finds confusion, worry, agitation, discord or conflict. 

How do we achieve clarity?


To achieve clarity, we need to sustain three essential elements:

1. The Wealth of Wise counsel

2. The Virtue of Honest impartiality

3. The Mindset of 'Ask the right questions and gain true perspective.'

When these three elements of wealth, virtue and mindset come together, we achieve the vital gem of clarity. With clarity, we experience a great fortune that is the Bliss of Tranquility.

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Achieving clarity with

The Wealth of Wise counsel

Wise counsel is the guidance that helps us to uncover facts and reveals the significance of such facts; so we may see things as they really are, in their true nature.


The wealth of wise counsel is of immense benefit to us in our trials and tribulations. In times of personal conflict, the wealth of wise counsel can illuminate our path ahead, with much clarity.

Acquire Wise counsel externally:

  • Through narratives (e.g. oral traditions, personal stories, history, philosophy and the arts),

  • Through discourse (e.g. professional advice and published literature)

  • Through the body of factual knowledge (e.g. science and mathematics)

  • Compare these external insights for consistency.

Acquire Wise counsel internally:

  • Through one's own observations, experience, inquiry, reflection and introspection.

Apply the screen of truth:

  • Compare and contrast external insights against one's own internal insights about the matter of interest to uncover facts from fallacy.

Apply the screen of relevance:

  • Juxtapose the uncovered facts with the broader matter of interest and uncover the significance of these facts.

Gain Clarity:

  • Realise the true nature of the matter of interest (i.e. gain clarity) through uncovered facts and the significance of such facts.

Achieving clarity with

The Virtue of Honest impartiality

Man with Beard

The virtue  of Honest impartiality is the quality of being sincere, accurate and truthful, and the quality of being unbiased, fair and ethical.

Honest impartiality is to be truthful without taking sides. With honest impartiality we see and present things as they are, in their true nature. This noble quality helps us to prevent conflict and resolve matters in times of conflict.

Honest impartiality provides us with certain legitimacy. Those in positions of power (such as politicians, clergyman, judges, business leaders, media commentators, sporting heroes etc.) who fall short of this virtue of honest impartiality are bound to lose their legitimacy at great personal cost.

Whenever we are confronted by uncertainty or deception (the causal conditions of tension), this noble virtue motivates us to achieve clarity and reconcile life.

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Achieving clarity with

The Mindset of 'Ask the right questions and gain true perspective.'

In this age of advanced communication; we see, hear and read more information (as well as misinformation) from diverse sources, with equally diverse agendas than ever before in the history of humanity. Gaining true perspective has never been more challenging for both young and old.

Asking questions is humanity’s timeless and proven method to uncover the truth and gain perspective. By asking the right (i.e. relevant) questions (from oneself and others) we can effectively filter the information and gain true perspective: about people, objects, events, processes etc. and so achieve clarity.

Asking the right questions helps us to uncover facts (truth) from fallacy (error); and this is important for the achievement of clarity.


If we fail to ask the right questions, we will fail to see things in their true nature. When one fails to gain true perspective, one is easily led astray.

“"The best-informed man is not necessarily the wisest.
Indeed there is a danger that precisely in the multiplicity of his knowledge he will lose sight of what is essential. But on the other hand, knowledge of an apparently trivial detail quite often makes it possible to see into the depth of things. And so the wise man will seek to acquire the best possible knowledge about events, but always without becoming dependent upon this knowledge.
To recognize the significant in the factual is wisdom.””

- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

- Walter Scott

"Life is really simple,
but we insist on making it complicated."

- Confucius


Beginning with the mindset of 'Ask the right questions and gain true perspective' whenever we access the Wealth of wise counsel and do so with the Virtue of honest impartiality; we achieve the vital gem of clarity. With the achievement of clarity, we experience the splendid Bliss of Tranquility.

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