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What is Five fortunes about?


The concept of Five fortunes is about the wellbeing of the human condition. According to this novel and secular concept, bliss or wellbeing is experienced whenever a fundamental human need is satisfied by a vital achievement.


The fundamental human needs are: the need for Self-preservation, the need for Connection, the need for Personal growth, the need for Resolution and the need for Creative self-expression.


Whenever these needs are satisfied by the vital achievement of sufficiency, appreciation, sovereignty, clarity and elegance respectively; the result is the corresponding bliss of health, happiness, freedom, tranquility and elation.

The concept of Five fortunes was conceived by H.D. De Silva and subsequently published in 2009.  It is an elegant summary his profound and holistic inquiry into the wellbeing of the human condition.

Through Five Fortunes, we discover the universality of human wellbeing. We also discover the means to experience the wonderful bliss of health, happiness, freedom, tranquillity and elation. Five fortunes is ultimately, an insightful guide to personal fulfilment.

“It's a great read. Obviously this is a work that has been deeply conceived and achieved. It is bravely and unashamedly positive in its vision of human wholeness and the potential to achieve it.”

- Nick O’Sullivan

(Writer/Illustrator and Animator of Happy Feet)

Who will bebefit the most from Five Fortunes?

Anyone who is experiencing difficult times

  • Adolescents (14-21) and young adults (21-28)

  • Those who long for a positive change in their life

  • Parents and guardians who care about their children.

Anyone in the caring professions

  • Educators / teachers (primary, secondary & tertiary)

  • Doctors, pharmacists and nurses

  • Complimentary healthcare practitioners

Anyone involved in the community or enaging in an enterprise

  • Community organisations

  • Government and the judiciary

  • Publicly funded agencies and organisations

  • Humanitarian organisations

  • Small business to large global corporations

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If we keep doing what we have always done, things will stay the same or decline. So, take the first steps towards a personal transformation for a better life!

Five fortunes is a holistic concept for the achievement of wellbeing. The author conceived this concept in 2009, after an extensive personal inquiry into the wellbeing of the human condition. It was first published in 2009, as Five fortunes: a guide to fulfilment and the universality of human wellbeing.

Personal worth of Five Fortunes
Five fortunes strongly advocates the worth of personal sovereignty. Sovereignty is valued for its power to unlock and unleash the unique potential of the individual - for personal and greater good. The wisdom of Five fortunes enables you to attain this vital achievement of sovereignty. Five fortunes shows how to attain the vital achievements of sufficiency, appreciation, sovereignty, clarity and elegance so you may experience the bliss of health, happiness, freedom, tranquillity and elation (respectively). In revealing the secrets to these vital achievements and the bliss of wellbeing, and in empowering you to follow your heart and realise your unique potential (for personal and greater good), Five fortunes lays before you the path to personal fulfilment.


Social worth of Five Fortunes
Five fortunes introduces the concept of Child centric communities. Child centric communities are a great wealth not only because they are wholesome for children, but also because their are wholesome for adults. Child centric communities are the true measure of civilisation. Five fortunes also introduces the concept of Sovereignty Education. The goal of Sovereignty Education is to empower individuals to discover and express their unique faculties through opportunities for inspiration, knowledge and performance; and enabling them take advantage of arising opportunities, unleash their unique potential and achieve great things that benefit them, their community, the economy and the environment.


Eco worth of Five Fortunes
Five fortunes introduces Wellbeing’s Credo - a mindset that is required for the experience of wellbeing (health, happiness, freedom, tranquility and elation). The first creed encourages one to ‘Have a profound respect for life’ for the achievement of sufficiency. All five creeds in the credo help enable the essential balance between the processors of self-assertion and integration that is vital to continuance of life.

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