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Five Fortunes

Five fortunes is a holistic concept for the achievement of wellbeing.


H.D. De Silva conceived this concept after an extensive personal inquiry into the wellbeing of the human condition. The concept was first published in 2009 as Five fortunes: a guide to fulfilment and the universality of human wellbeing.

The concept of Five fortunes is about the essential requirements for the wellbeing of the human condition. According to this concept, wellbeing or bliss is experienced whenever a fundamental human need is satisfied by a vital achievement (vital gem).


The fundamental human needs are: the need for Self-preservation, the need for Connection, the need for Personal growth, the need for Resolution and the need for Creative self-expression.


Whenever these primary needs are satisfied by the vital gems of sufficiency, appreciation, sovereignty, clarity and elegance respectively; the result is the corresponding bliss of health, happiness, freedom, tranquility and elation.

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The concept of Five Fortunes was first published by H.D. De Silva in 2009. A limited number of copies of this original publication, titled, Five Fortunes: A Guide to Fulfilment and the Universality of Human Wellbeing is still available to purchase. Please Click to purchase your limited edition copy.

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