About the Author

H. D. De Silva  |  De Silva, H.D.

The author is a passionate educator and a caring health practitioner. He is an innovative thinker and a writer who is able to offer simplified solutions for the enhancement of human wellbeing.

His qualifications include a master’s degree in teaching (University of Sydney), a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy (University of Sydney), a graduate certificate in physics education (University of Canberra) and a graduate certificate in commerce (University of Sydney).

Harsha De Silva NSW AU

With Humanity at Heart

Some see the world as black or white.

Others see it in shades of grey.

Those who know the Five fortunes,

See their world as vividly colourful:

A high definition array!

- H. D. De Silva

Human wellbeing, sovereignty and fulfilment are themes that have always been close to the author's heart. Through his unique life-journey (in Sri Lanka, Australia and Sweden) and through his own rigorous inquiry into the wellbeing of the human condition, the author gained a profound understanding of human wellbeing and the means to achieve it.