Primary Needs of the Human Condition

  1. Need for Self-preservation

  2. Need for Connection

  3. Need for Personal growth

  4. Need for Resolution

  5. Need for Creative self-expression.

No matter who we are (a newborn baby, a child in a school, an employee in a workplace, a partner in a relationship or a stranded soul on a remote island) these primary needs apply universally to all people. Whenever we optimally satisfy our primary needs, we experience the bliss of wellbeing; of health, happiness, freedom, tranquillity or elation. When all five primary needs are satisfied simultaneously, we experience the splendour of fulfilment.

Need for Self-preservation is our Physical being’s need for such things as fresh air, clean water, wholesome food, appropriate clothing, personal safety, a comfortable dwelling, restful sleep, hygiene, regular outdoor-exercise, remedies for sickness etc. that are essential for our survival and continuance of our life. In the material realm of our existence, we satisfy our material need for self-preservation with sufficiency. We achieve sufficiency with the provision of the most basic of necessities, such as fresh air, clean water, wholesome food etc. Whenever we achieve sufficiency and satisfy our primary need for self-preservation, our Physical being experiences the splendid bliss of health.

Need for Connection is our Emotional being’s need for meaningful relationships with oneself, a partner, family, friends, relatives and one’s community. It is also the need for meaningful relationships with the land we live in, and the country of our birth. The need for connection includes the need for recognition of one’s presence, dignity, self-worth, achievements and contributions. In the emotive realm of our existence, we satisfy our emotive need for connection with appreciation. We achieve appreciation by maintaining meaningful relationships with oneself, others and our environment. Whenever we achieve appreciation and satisfy our primary need for connection, our Emotional being experiences the splendid bliss of happiness.

Need for Personal growth is our Spiritual being’s need to grow and become. It is the nature of all living things to grow and become. As we discover the voice of our own heart we grow (i.e. we express, develop and refine our unique faculties) and we become (i.e. we transform into something uniquely beautiful, for personal and greater good). In the spiritual realm of our existence, we satisfy our spiritual need for personal growth with sovereignty. We achieve sovereignty by discovering and then expressing our innate uniqueness. Whenever we achieve sovereignty and satisfy our primary need for personal growth, our Spiritual being experiences the splendid bliss of freedom.

Need for Resolution is our Perceptive being’s need to see things as complete, to see things in their roundness and wholeness. Seeing only part of the picture leaves us confused, anxious or demoralised. The need for resolution includes the need for closure. When we have unresolvedissues from the past it is hard to live in the present or even contemplate a possible future. In the perceptual realm of our existence, we satisfy our perceptual need for resolution with clarity. We achieve clarity by resolving matters with facts, complete outcomes, clear solutions, just decisions or mutual agreement. Whenever we achieve clarity and satisfy our primary need for resolution, our Perceptive being experiences the splendid bliss of tranquillity.

Need for Creative self-expression is our Creative being’s need to materialise ideas, through our unique and gifted faculties. Creative self-expression can be the preparation of a garden bed for planting vegetables or a masterpiece for display in a museum of contemporary art. In the aesthetic realm of our existence, we satisfy our aesthetic need for creative self-expression with elegance. We achieve elegance with beauty, simplicity, grace, measure or harmony. Whenever we achieve elegance and satisfy our primary need for creative self-expression, our Creative being experiences the splendid bliss of elation.

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