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The Bliss of Happiness is the natural expectation of our Emotional being.

The vitality of happiness is a great fortune!

The golden key to this fortune of happiness is the achievement of appreciation.

De Silva, H.D.

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Happiness is a wonderful state of bliss where one finds gladness, cheerfulness, delight, joy or merriment.


Happiness is vitality for our Emotional being; it is the optimum wellbeing of our emotive existence.

The presence of appreciation brings forth the Bliss of Happiness to the human condition.

What is Appreciation?


Appreciation is thankfulness or gratitude for

  • The things we receive,

  • The meaningful relationships we have (with oneself, others or our environment),

  • The experiences we are privileged to share and

  • The recogognition of one’s presence, dignity, self-worth, achievements or contributions.

Whenever we achieve appreciation, we optimally satisfy our primary human need for connection and so experience the bliss of happiness.

The wholesomeness of appreciation is humanity's greatest emotive achievement.

 Appreciation is the wholesomeness that lies midway between the emotive extremes of neglect (i.e. failure in care and attention) and abuse (i.e. verbal, emotional, psychological, sexual or physical ill-treatment). In the emotive realm, neglect is humanity's greatest failure and abuse is humanity's greatest fault, for they both leave one's Emotional being in anguish. Anguish as defined here is a bleak state of illbeing where (without appreciation) one finds anxiety, misery, depression, grief or torment. 

How do we achieve appreciation?


To achieve sufficiency, we need to sustain three essential elements:

1. The Wealth of Community

2. The Virtue of Loving kindness

3. The Mindset of 'Be positive and be present in the moment.'

When these three elements of wealth, virtue and mindset come together, we achieve the vital gem of appreciation. With appreciation, we experience a great fortune that is the Bliss of Happiness.

 Video Link: An Experiment in Gratitude

Birthday Celebration

Achieving appreciation with

The Wealth of Community

A group of individuals who come together in a shared interest to enjoy meaningful relationships with one another and collectively works towards the general wellbeing of all in the group forms the priceless wealth of community.


In a caring community such as in a family, a school, a workplace or in a child centric local community;
you will find all you need to achieve appreciation.

Even in communities with little material wealth, if the wealth of community prevails, one readily experiences appreciation and the bliss of happiness.

Achieving appreciation with

The Virtue of Loving kindness

Mother and Daughter

The Virtue of Loving kindness, is the intense affection we can have
for one another, and our consideration and care for others. Loving kindness comes naturally to us.


It is the ‘universal language’ that almost every living creature understand and positively responds to. It is also the very essence of our humanity.

Loving kindness positively affects us all. It is with loving kindness that our thoughts, words and deeds become meaningful and wholesome. It is with loving kindness that we strengthen relationships and build a sense of community. It is with loving kindness that we truly get to know a person and truly appreciate a person including our own self.

Happy Children

Achieving appreciation with

The Mindset of 'Be positive and be present in the moment.'

To be positive is to see the world in a positive light (as the proverbial ‘glass half-full’). Being positive as a mindset is more than optimism. It embraces active wholesome thoughts that manifest as wholesome words and deeds.

To be present in the moment is to live in the ‘here’ and ‘now’ – for it is in the present moment that we truly live and appreciate the people around us, our environment and ourselves.


Being present in the living moment (and not being distracted by events of another place or of another time) is important for the achievement of appreciation. There is really no present, like the present moment.

“…the language that everyone on earth was capable of understanding in their heart. It was love.”
- Paulo Coelho

Do not say, ‘it is morning,’

and dismiss it with a name of yesterday. See it for the first time as a newborn child that has no name.”
- Rabindranath Tagore

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”
- Cesare Pavese

“I have only just a minute, …

But eternity is in it.”
- Benjamin E. Mays

Happy Family

Beginning with the mindset of 'Be positive and be present in the moment', whenever we access the Wealth of community and do so with the Virtue of loving kindness, we achieve the vital gem of appreciation. With the achievement of appreciation, we experience the splendid Bliss of Happiness.

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