A community is most effective as a wealth when its scope and purpose for existence is meaningful to its members. Nothing can be more meaningful to a community than its children.


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  • The Family

    • The economic efficiency and financial security of the family-unit (and the extended family) is a great wealth. The emotional wellbeing one can receive from a wholesome family environment is priceless. Family is our ‘emotional-rock’ and is often proven to be so, during our trials and tribulations. Nurture this wealth of community through meaningful relationships and regular celebrations.

  • The Place of Work

    • Friends and colleagues who join in collaborative activities, celebrate achievements and commiserate over disappointments are a great wealth. Nurture this wealth of community by frequently recognising and valuing people and their contributions.

  • The Local Community

    • Local communities that nurture their children, celebrate the achievements of their sons and daughters, empower their weak and value their old are a great wealth indeed. Nurture this wealth of community through regular cultural events, exhibitions, celebrations, awards and social services.


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