• H.D. De Silva

Fortunes in the Secret Valley

By H. D. De Silva ​ ​ Beyond the sacred hill, a secret valley remains. When all is lost and there is only hope, an intrepid traveller ventures out and discovers five fortunes in the Secret Valley. His life will never be the same again!Fortunes in the Secret Valley is a page turner. It is a great read that would be treasured by teenagers and adults alike. It is an inspiring story about a boy who finds courage in a glimmer of hope. His eventful journey from a desolate world to a pristine valley, enriches him. Empowered by the knowledge of the Five fortunes, a young man returns home. He will soon rise above his circumstance and transform aspects of his living, for personal and greater good. He will live a sovereign life, blessed in bliss and fulfilment. ​ Most of all, Life will go on ...

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