• H.D. De Silva

A moment in bliss

The Diary Files - NSW State Library

4 May 2020

H.D. De Silva 49 NSW

A moment in bliss

The air is so clean. Visibility is to the distant horizon. Never have I seen so far towards the beaches of Newcastle, or such detail of the trees and rocks of the Broken back range yonder. Will I see again in this life time, the beauty of nature in such crystal clarity?

I have had the rare privilege of glimpsing a heavenly paradise that hitherto was veiled with pollution, politics, greed, fear and consumption. A deadly virus and the human hyper reaction brought about this momentary transformation.

Will we learn from this event and change our ways of avidya to vidya before it is all too late? Will we understand the wisdom of Carl Sagan’s ‘Pale Blue Dot’? Will we return to the old ways and veil it all again?

Will I be among the last of my kind to have glimpsed this heavenly paradise in all its clarity, beauty and worth?

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