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Sovereignty Education (SE) is a novel pedagogical concept developed by H.D. De Silva and first published in 2009. At the heart of this concept is the vital gem of sovereignty, which is essential for the wellbeing of our human condition.

One of the greatest gifts a parent or guardian can endow upon a child is an instruction that empowers the child towards sovereignty. Sovereignty is the vital achievement that unleashes the human potential. With sovereignty a child discovers, expresses, develops and refines his or her unique faculties and achieves great things, for personal and greater good.

Sovereignty Education

CC 2009-19 H.D. De Silva.

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With deepest respect, I thank all my enlightened teachers.

The great and noble task of a teacher is to inspire students to keep learning for themselves: about the realities, possibilities and alternatives in their lives and the necessary skills to take advantage of arising opportunities; so they may best apply their unique faculties to better care for themselves, others and the environment.

- H.D. De Silva

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Sovereignty Education Lesson Cycle Structure
Learning Journal
Teaching, Learning & Assessment
Universal Assessment Matrix

What is the purpose of education?

The purpose of education is to help individuals to understand the world they live in, including themselves and their unique potential; so they may themselves take advantage of opportunities as they arise, and through their unique faculties, transform aspects of their living for personal and greater good. (De Silva, H.D.)

What is the goal of Sovereignty education?

 The goal of Sovereignty Education is to empower individuals to discover and express their unique faculties, and gain the personal power of sovereignty.

What is the outcome of Sovereignty education?

With sovereignty, individuals are self-empowered to develop and refine their unique faculties, unleash their unique potential and achieve great things that benefit them, their community, the economy and the environment.


What is special about Sovereignty education?

A teaching that enables you to achieve an outcome is an instruction. A teaching that empowers you to discover your heart’s longing, express your unique faculties and unleash your
prodigious potential for personal and greater good is a priceless wealth. This wealth of instruction is Sovereignty education.


The concept of sovereignty education begins with the noble acknowledgement that every person is a powerful, beautiful and extraordinary being capable of achieving great things; and who already has within them the creative potential to achieve such greatness. There is goodness and creativity in all of us. Sovereignty education nurtures the goodness in the child and provides the means to blossom his or her innate creativity.

What is sovereignty?

Sovereignty is the 'personal power' that stems from knowing our own heart and its longing to grow and become. Guided by the inner convictions of knowing who we really are, our best interests and the greater good, whenever we determine for ourselves our own action and so express our uniqueness, we achieve sovereignty. Sovereignty is simply the achievement of knowing our unique-self and being this unique-self: in thoughts, words and deeds.


Why is sovereignty important?

We are all unique beings gifted with prodigious potential. Our life is a journey towards the fulfilment of this potential. In life, we hope to discover, express, develop and refine our unique faculties, and so unleash our potential for the good of the one and the many.


The power of sovereignty unlocks and unleashes an our unique potential; as such, it is sacred to the wellbeing and fulfilment of the human condition.


It is with sovereignty that we satisfy our human need for personal growth and experience the bliss of freedom. [Freedom in its wholeness is the bliss that we experience when we live our heart’s longing, expressing our unique and gifted faculties, for personal and greater good].


With the vital achievement of sovereignty a person grows (i.e.  discovers, expresses, develops and refines one's unique faculties) and becomes (i.e. transform into a uniquely beautiful person, for personal and greater good).

How is sovereignty achieved?

Guided by the inner convictions of knowing who we really are, our best interests and the greater good, whenever we determine for ourselves our own action and so express our uniqueness, we achieve sovereignty. Such an achievement begins with the mindset of ‘Follow your heart, discover and express your unique faculties’. With this mindset when we access the wealth of instruction that is Sovereignty Education and do so with the virtue of mindfulness we achieve sovereignty.


The lesson sequence

Sovereignty education begins with curiosity and ends with creativity, and in the process in between, the learners acquire competency in life skills, enduring knowledge, values and personal qualities that help them to achieve the vital gem of sovereignty.

The key strategy of Sovereignty Education (SE) is to unleash the human potential by providing opportunities for

  • Inspiration ->>  Curiosity  >> Self-discovery

  • Knowledge ->>  Competency  >> Self-efficacy

  • Performance ->>  Creativity  >> Self-expression

Through opportunities for inspiration (curiosity), knowledge (competency) and performance (creativity) students gain the achievements of self-discovery, self-efficacy and self-expression. In this way, Sovereignty education empowers the individual towards the personal power of sovereignty.

In moving from curiosity to competency and creativity, Sovereignty education adopts a three lesson cycle:

DAY 1: Acquire Direct Knowledge:  CURIOSITY                      

Learning by Doing I - Self-Discovery - DISCOVER


Stimulus Study - [Real life context]
The opportunity for students to learn something new and be inspired.

Inquiry question: Why?  Why not?

Student achievement: Self-discovery

Students gain: direct knowledge and learn something new

  • Observe - Why? Why not?  [Collaboratively]

  • Analyse - Interpret & Connect  [Individually]

  • Record - Factual statements  [Collaboratively]

  • Share - Recall & Discuss  [Collaboratively]

  • Assess - Formative assessment  [Self/Peer/Teacher]

DAY 2: Acquire Learned Knowledge:  COMPETENCY            

Learning by Knowing: - Self-Efficacy - LEARN


Insight Study - [Real life context]
The opportunity for students to gain knowledge and broaden their horizon / perspective.

Inquiry question: How?

Student achievement: Self-efficacy

Students gain: learned knowledge and broaden their horizon / perspective

  • Know - Relevant Facts  [Collaboratively]

  • Understand - How?  [Individually]

  • Apply - Solve Problems  [Individually]

  • Share - Recall & Discuss  [Collaboratively]

  • Assess - Formative assessment  [Self/Peer/Teacher]

DAY 3: Acquire Intuitive Knowledge:  CREATIVITY                 

Learning by Doing II - Self-Expression - EXPRESS

Creative Study - [Real life context]
The opportunity for students to demonstrate their learning and gain a sense of achievement.

Inquiry question: What if? What else?

Student achievement: Self-expression

Students gain: intuitive knowledge and a sense of achievement

  • Evaluate - Trends & Patterns  [Collaboratively]

  • Imagine - What if? What else?  [Individually]

  • Create - Summative Product  [Collaboratively]

  • Share - Recall & Discuss  [Collaboratively]

  • Assess - Formative assessment  [Self/Peer/Teacher]

Assessment of learning

Assessment is based on student portfolios of their creative works. Students are assessed on their creative product of elegance that demonstrate essential skills, knowledge and understanding, elegance, values and qualities. A student's learning is never compared to another as it is meaningless.


Students are graded simply with an easy to understand 3 stage grading system:

S- = Working towards the expected standard

S = Achieved the expected standard

S+ = Surpassed the expected standard

Essential Skills

Collaboration - How well do I work with others?

Competency - How much work do I do and how well do I do it?

Compassion - How well do I care for myself, others and the environment?

Critical thinking - How well do I analyse and evaluate things?

Creativity - How good am I at making things work better?

Communication - How well do I read, write, speak, present and use ICT (Information Communication Technology)?

Knowledge and understanding

Relative to Area of Interest

Material Achievement

A product of elegance. Elegance is refinement in form, function, motion, composition or interaction

Values (Mindset)

  •  Have a profound respect for life

  • Be positive and be present in the moment

  • Follow your heart, discover and express your

  • unique faculties

  • Ask the right questions and gain true perspective

  • Develop and refine your uniqueness, for personal and greater good.

Virtues (Qualities)

  •  Compassionate-generosity

  • Loving-kindness

  • Mindfulness

  • Honest-impartiality

  • Virtue of Passionate-diligence.

Sources of Inspiration

  • Phenomena and scientific inquiry

  • Logic and mathematical certainty

  • Colours, movement and artistic expression

  • Technology and engineering challenges

  • People and community events

  • Natural forms and connecting to country

  • Food production and preparation

  • Fiber production and fashion

  • Materials, construction and architecture

  • Rights, responsibilities and justice

  • Words, narratives and perspectives

“Each one in this world is gifted to excel at one thing.” 
- Proverb, Hela Nation (Heladiva)

"Education is kindling of a flame,

not filling a vessel."

- Socrates

"The potential is contained in the flower, which blossoms not because you direct it to, but because you release its potential by providing positive conditions of light, water, temperature, fertilizer, and soil."

- Richard Daft and Robert Lengel

(Fusion Leadership)

"There's an artist imprisoned in each one of us. Let him loose to spread joy everywhere."

- Bertrand Russell

"A human being is part of the Whole...
He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature in its beauty.”

- Albert Einstein

"With reverence,
See the angel in the child
The unique heart that has come before thee
For it is he, who will enlighten the world
For it is she, who will lighten the way
Towards sovereignty,
Lead them all with love and wisdom
To shine in their own path
As the creative beings they long to be.

- H.D. De Silva

"Elders in our societies, with their vast life experiences can and should significantly add to the inspiration, knowledge and performance of our young. Their compassionate-generosity, loving-kindness, mindfulness, honest-impartiality and passionate-diligence, can make a significant difference, to the life (and future) of a young person in need. There is mutual fulfilment in such an endeavour.
- H.D. De Silva

The 3-fold Task for the Teacher

1. Build self-worth and self-esteem of individuals.
(Via Ethical action, wisdom, loving-kindness and positive validation.)

2. Provide opportunities for profound understanding.
Help individuals to understand the world they live in, including themselves and their own unique potential. (Develop the individual’s ability to perceive and see clearly: mindfulness)

3. Provide opportunities for creative self-expression.
Empower individuals to take advantage of arising opportunities and to use their own unique faculties to transform aspects of their living, for personal and greater good. (Develop the student’s ability to do and do skilfully.)




CC 2009-19. H.D. De Silva. Sovereignty Education. [ONLINE] Available at:


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. (CC BY-NC 4.0)

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