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The Bliss of Freedom

The natural expectation of our Spiritual being.

De Silva, H.D.



Freedom is a wonderful state of bliss where one finds the absence of restraints, presence of choice, self-confidence, emancipation or
independence. Freedom in its wholeness is the bliss that one
experiences when one lives one's heart’s longing, expressing one's unique and gifted faculties for personal and greater good. Freedom is vitality for our Spiritual being; it is the optimum wellbeing of our ethereal existence.


The vitality of freedom is a great fortune. The golden key to this fortune of freedom is the achievement of sovereignty.


What is Sovereignty?

Sovereignty is the personal power that stems from knowing our
heart and its longing to grow and become.
Guided by the inner convictions of knowing who we really are, our best interests and the greater good, whenever we determine for ourselves our own action and so express our uniqueness, we achieve sovereignty. Sovereignty is simply the achievement of knowing our unique-self and being this unique-self: in thoughts, words and deeds.


Sovereignty is the wholesomeness that lies midway between the ethereal extremes of submission (i.e. relinquishment of one’s personal power, individuality or uniqueness) and repression (i.e. gaining power over someone else, suppressing their liberty or individuality or uniqueness).


In the ethereal realm, submission is humanity's greatest failure and repression is humanity's greatest fault, for they both leave one's Spiritual being in confinement. Confinement as defined here is a bleak state of illbeing where (without sovereignty) one finds frustration, restraints, control, dependence or enslavement.

The presence of sovereignty brings forth the Bliss of Freedom to the human condition. Therefore, the wholesomeness of sovereignty is humanity's greatest ethereal achievement. Whenever we achieve sovereignty, we optimally satisfy our primary human need for personal growth and so experience the bliss of freedom. This blissful vitality of freedom is fulfilment for our Spiritual being.

How do we achieve sovereignty?

To achieve sovereignty, we need to sustain three essential elements:

1. The Wealth of Instruction

2. The Virtue of Mindfulness

3. The Mindset of 'Follow your heart, discover and express your unique faculties'.

When these three elements of wealth, virtue and mindset come together, we achieve the vital gem of sovereignty. With sovereignty, we experience a great fortune that is the Bliss of Freedom.

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Science Courses
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Achieving sovereignty with

The Wealth of Instruction


A teaching that enables you to achieve an outcome is an instruction. A teaching that empowers you to discover your heart’s longing, express your unique faculties and unleash your prodigious potential for personal and greater good is a priceless wealth. This is the wealth of instruction. Sovereignty Education is the wealth of instruction. Find out more...

Value the uniqueness inherent within each individual. We are Spiritual beings with unique abilities, longing to grow and become and unleash our innate potential.

In a positive nurturing environment:

  • Provide opportunities for meaningful inspiration: Experience a concept.
    • Help individuals to see things in a new light and feel inspired.
    • Help them to gain a sense of self-worth for their self-confidence.
  • Provide opportunities for profound understanding: Connect concepts
    • Help individuals to connect knowledge and broaden their horizon/perspective.
    • Help them to understand their world, themselves and their unique faculties that hold great potential.
  • Provide opportunities for unique expression: Consolidate concepts
    • Help individuals to demonstrate their learning by expressing their unique faculties and gain a sense of achievement.
    • Help them to develop and refine their unique faculties through arising opportunities and transform aspects of their living, for personal and greater good.

Achieving sovereignty with

The Virtue of Mindfulness


The Virtue of Mindfulness is the quality of examining, questioning and contemplating things to see if such things are conducive to our wellbeing, personal growth and becoming.

Mindfulness is the presence of mind to accept, that which is in the best interest of our heart’s desire to grow and become; as well as the presence of mind to appropriately reject, that which is not.


Often what we see and hear is coloured by assumptions, beliefs, prejudices, propaganda, framing, rumour, rhetoric, slander, spin, advertising or opinion. If we accept things as they are presented to us, without ever examining, questioning or contemplating them; such things may well confine us.

Whenever we are confronted by submission or repression (the causal conditions of confinement), this noble virtue motivates us to achieve sovereignty and liberate life.


Achieving sovereignty with

The Mindset of ‘Follow your heart, discover and express your unique faculties’


Our ‘heart’ is our true-self, and our true-self is unique. To materialise this uniqueness is the life-longing of our heart. From the moment we enter the world, our heart guides us towards the fulfilment of this uniqueness.

Our heart’s tender voice may easily go unheard, overwhelmed by the cacophony of noises, images, communications and of numerous events that characterise our modern existence; however, in moments of solitude, with a quietened mind, we can rediscover the inner voice of our heart.

The more we listen to our heart and follow it’s longing to grow and become, the more we discover our own uniqueness. The more confidently we express our uniqueness, through our unique faculties, the more we achieve sovereignty and experience the bliss of freedom. Blessed with freedom, we naturally grow and become: transforming ourselves into something uniquely beautiful, for personal and greater good.

"... in every adult there lurks a child - an eternal child, something that is always becoming, is never completed, calls for unceasing care, attention, and education. That is the part of the human personality that wants to develop and become whole."
Carl Jung


“Find out just what any people

will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong that will be imposed upon them…”
Frederick Douglass

"There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have. And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life spend your days on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls."
Howard Thurman


Beginning with the mindset of  ‘Follow your heart, discover and express your unique faculties’, whenever we access the Wealth of instruction and do so with the Virtue of mindfulness; we achieve the vital gem of sovereignty. With the achievement of sovereignty, we experience the splendid Bliss of Freedom.

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