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with Elegance

The Bliss of Elation is the natural expectation of our Creative being.

The vitality of elation is a great fortune!


The golden key to this fortune of elation is the achievement of elegance.

De Silva, H.D.

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Elation is a wonderful state of bliss where one finds a sense of accomplishment expressed as delight, jubilation, exuberance, exhilaration or euphoria.


Elation is vitality and fulfilment for our Creative being; it is the optimum wellbeing of our aesthetic existence.

The presence of elegance brings forth the Bliss of Elation to the human condition.

What is Elegance?


Elegance is refinement in form, function, motion, composition or interaction.


Beauty is the refinement of form. Simplicity is the
refinement of function. Grace is the refinement of motion. Measure is the refinement of composition. Harmony is the refinement of interaction.


We achieve elegance whenever we produce the near perfection of beauty, simplicity, grace, measure or harmony.

Whenever we achieve elegance, we optimally satisfy our primary human need for creative self-expression and so experience the bliss of elation.

The wholesomeness of elegance is humanity's greatest aesthetic achievement.

Elegance is the wholesomeness that lies midway between the aesthetic extremes of idleness (i.e. absence of productive work) and harm (i.e. destructive work). In the aesthetic realm, idleness is humanity's greatest failure and harm is humanity's greatest fault, for they both leave one's Creative being in regret. Regret as defined here is a bleak state of illbeing (where without elegance) one finds discontent, disappointment, guilt, remorse or ruin.

How do we achieve elegance?


To achieve elegance, we need to sustain three essential elements:

1. The Wealth of Imagination

2. The Virtue of Passionate diligence

3. The Mindset of 'Develop and refine your uniqueness, for personal and greater good'.

When these three elements of wealth, virtue and mindset come together, we achieve the vital gem of elegance. With elegance, we experience a great fortune that is the Bliss of Elation.

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Achieving elegance with

The Wealth of Imagination

To imagine is to think creatively and visualise things in their wholeness and completeness.


In the imagination, we are able to see things long before they are brought into existence. With imagination, we can also visualise how elements in the creative process come together to achieve the near perfection that is elegance.


The human imagination is a powerful creative force; it is a priceless wealth. So, use it to:

Visualise its form:

  • Visualise how it could look, sound or feel. Visualise its end: the beauty in form.

Visualise its function:

  • Visualise how it  could work. Visualise its end: the simplicity in function.

Visualise its motion:

  • Visualise how it could move. Visualise its end: the grace in motion

Visualise its composition:

  • Visualise how it could be fashioned. Visualise its end: the measure in composition.

Visualise its interaction:

  • Visualise how it could relate to the whole. Visualise its end: the harmony in interaction.

Maintain the human imagination:

Read books and listen to narratives (stories), the radio and music. Watch ‘art-house’ movies that challenge us to complete the narrative with our own imagination.

Enhance the human imagination:

Explore and be inspired by creations of elegance in art, architecture, literature, science and technology: in galleries, avenues, parks, libraries and museums.

Ignite the imagination:

Frequently ask questions such as Why? What if? Why not? and How about?

Take time out to dream:

Visualise how things could be improved at home, at work or at play.

Achieving elegance with

The Virtue of Passionate diligence

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The virtue of Passionate diligence is the quality of purposeful enthusiasm and the quality of persistence, care and attention.

Passionate diligence is our unwavering interest, energy and commitment to express our unique faculties and achieve great things; despite obstacles or adversity. It is also the utmost attention and care, we give to what we do.

Whenever we are confronted by idleness or harm (the causal conditions of regret), this noble virtue motivates us to achieve elegance and enrich life.

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Achieving elegance with

The Mindset of 'Develop and refine your uniqueness, for personal and greater good'.

When we express our unique faculties we express aspects of our true potential. The next natural step is then to develop and continually refine our unique faculties, for personal and greater good; and so perfect our potential.


Through our refined faculties when we materialise our uniqueness and achieve the heights of elegance, we experience the bliss of elation.

Elegance we achieve in form (i.e. beauty), function (i.e. simplicity), motion (i.e. grace), composition (i.e. measure) or interaction (i.e. harmony) not only makes us feel stupendously good with the bliss of elation, the elegance of our creativity also elates the people around us - in a most positive way, making them feel good and inspired to follow their own hearts and achieve great things for personal and greater good.

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Global Elegance Challenge

"What is now proved

was once only imagined."

- William Blake

“If a man is called to be a streetsweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great streetsweeper who did his job well.”

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together."

- Vincent Van Gogh


Beginning with the mindset of 'Develop and refine your uniqueness, for personal and greater good', whenever we access the Wealth of imagination and do so with the Virtue of passionate diligence; we achieve the vital gem of elegance. With the achievement of elegance, we experience the splendid Bliss of Elation.

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